• Diploma in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Currently sitting a Diploma in Gynaecology & Obstetrics with TCM
  • Certificate in Clinical Science
  • Distinction in Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medical Herbs and Pharmacology
  • Distinction in Accredited ITEC Anatomy & Physiology
  • Accredited ITEC Diploma of Reflexology & Holistic Studies
  • Qualified Reiki Master Teacher
  • First Aid Certificate of Competency incorporating Covid Guidelines and best practises
  • Certificate Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils in Massage

Hi there my name is Elizabeth Réamonn and I am delighted to meet you via my website and thank you for taking the time to visit it. I am a fully trained and certified Acupuncturist and TCM Herbalist, with certification in Clinical Medicine. I am registered with the Acupuncture Council of Ireland and Association of Chinese Herbalists of Ireland. I am have a listed membership with Private Health Insurances.

I am often asked why I changed career from Corporate Sales to Complementary Healing Therapies so here goes. After working over 20 years in a highly competitive and target driven industry, it started to take its toll on my health. I had developed severe migraine, along with an underactive thyroid and my Asthma seemed to be getting worse.

A change was needed, I needed more than antibiotics and steroids. I needed to make some lifestyle changes, but where to start. The medication I was on for migraine was affecting my energy levels, I was consistently tired and irritable. When I asked my GP for advice, he recommended trying Acupuncture or other complementary therapies, as my condition was chronic, he was hesitant to take me off or reduce my medications. I was very sceptical towards complementary therapies but was desperate to find a better solution. I was recommended to try a Therapist who combined therapies of Acupuncture, TCM herbs and other modalities such as Reiki.

After just six treatments my migraines were gone, my moods were more carefree and I was sleeping consistently better and felt so much more optimistic and hopeful. My blood tests came back normal and I was encouraged to come off my thyroid medication. The results were So positive and life changing really, I knew there was something in this and proceeded to complete seven years of training, now on my eighth gaining qualifications in sciences and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I get to effect the actual root causes of disease and illness and have been privileged to witness people’s health restored back to optimal health, which is why I am so passionate about my job.

I love helping people achieve peace from mental and physical pain, stress, weak immunity or health.

So make the call today and we can chat about what treatment plan would best suit your needs, ultimately your own person health plan