‘Hi Liz. Just to let you know I’ve had no spots for the past 3 weeks and I am off the steroids completely. I’m still taking the herbs and I feel great. A little tired sometimes but that’s quite normal. Thank you so much for everything. Aine’

Skin Condition Review: Aine

‘I will be forever grateful to you & your amazing treatment on my face & me as whole.      THANK YOU ❤️‘ Eleanor’

Bells Palsy or Facial Paralysis: Eleanore

‘I have been attending Liz for acupuncture weekly for many years. I would highly recommend it for everyone. Liz is an amazing person brillant at what she does so professional and knowledgeable. I have noticed huge benefits to my over all health and wellbeing since I started acupuncture on a regular basis. My energy levels have really improved I feel I can focus more. I have alot less aches and pains and find I am much healthier. I am alot less stressed and more calm and relaxed since I started acupuncture. I have recommended many friends and family to Liz for acupuncture and they too have seen amazing results from acupuncture treatments. I can’t recommend Liz highly enough’


‘I cannot say enough good things about Liz and the Alternative Healing clinic. This woman is a miracle worker! My husband and I had been struggling to get pregnant but wanted to look to natural treatments before going down the medical route. I’m so glad we did as Liz completely fixed my irregular cycles and I was pregnant within only 5 sessions. I love her approach of treating ailments with alternative therapies but also educating herself within the medical field to back up her treatments with facts. She is the perfect blend of holistic and science and I have been recommending her to all my my friends who are struggling with everything – from fertility, to stress and everything in between. She is putting together a dream team of alternative healers in her clinic and I highly recommend that anyone checks this out before resorting to any potentially unnecessary medical procedures or pharmaceuticals.’

Pia Crofton

‘Absolutely brilliant Service, Treatment’s And Staff. Could not fault this place’

Jesica Burke

‘Liz is absolutely amazing at what she does. She is literally a miracle worker. I have sent so many people to her and they all say the same. Her knowledge is second to none. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I always leave feeling amazing and floating. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. I’ve loved my treatment with her. She really gets in tune with her clients.’

Emma Graham

‘I regularly attend the clinic for acupuncture with Elizabeth and cannot recommend her enough. She is so knowledgeable about many areas of healing and is a very caring and generous person. I look forward to each weekly session. I have also had Reiki sessions with Martina who is great at what she does and has a very calming and kind nature. I always leave the clinic feeling relaxed and rejuvenated..’

Caroline Mooney

‘Liz and the team are brilliant therapists. Their passion to their practice and their dedication to their clients is outstanding. The treatments that I have received have not only being relaxing and enjoyable but I have also seen long term benefits to my overall health and well-being.’

Edel Wynne

‘I attended Alternative Healing for reflexology for the first time a couple of months ago. I have suffered with back pain for years after a bad car crash. After a couple of sessions, I slept better and my back improved. I felt that reflexology helped immensely with this back pain and also found it hugely relaxing. I would highly recommend Elizabeth’s reflexology clinic to all. She was always very welcoming and professional in her job.’

Liz Forte

‘I have been cured of post concussion syndrome and from Post covid19 viral fatigue by Liz and her combined treatments of accupuncture, reflexology and TCM herbs.

I cannot thank Liz enough for all she has done for me. Last year I had post concussion syndrome and symptoms included vertigo, brain fog, tension headaches, sensitivity to light and tinnitus. I went to Liz desperate for some relief from my symptoms as it was taking its toll on my mental health.

Simple tasks in work were becoming huge challenges for me. My social life was reduced to zero. Liz was so understanding and genuinely concerned for me. I completed 6 to 7 treatments of acupuncture and reflexology with a combination of TCM herbal medicinal treatment. Within 7 weeks I was a new man, all my symptoms had disappeared. There were times during the treatment at about 2 or 3 weeks when symptoms were coming back I thought it wasn’t working but I persevered through till the end and all my symptoms were cured.

Getting back to myself so quickly in such a short space of time, was such a relief. I had my life back and I started to feel myself again. Then this year I tested positive for covid19 virus. 2 weeks in bed with shortness of breath made it a rough experience. The aftermath of the virus was the worst part. I had zero energy and I had never felt so weak in all my life. I had brain fog and dizziness.

I rang Liz and told her that 5 weeks  had passed and i still had no energy. After 6 treatments with a combination of TCM herbs I was back to myself. Each week I felt myself getting better little by little. Each treatment made a huge difference. I cannot emphasize how much Liz has helped me. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is such a professional in her line of work. She goes well above and beyond for her clients, I can testify for that. Thank you so much Liz for all your help.’

Post Concussion Covid Exhaustion Review: Ethan

‘Hi Liz, just wanted to let you know how amazing I feel today. That whole shock and grief feeling I had is completely gone. I had a lovely sleep and I’m getting through the day ok thanks to you. xx’

Ange Maher

‘I went to Liz when I was suffering really bad with panic and anxiety attacks. In my first meeting I was so scared but Liz has an amazing kind nature and she made me feel so relaxed. After my 1st session the benefits were nearly instant. She has helped me gain control of my life again. Thank u from the bottom of my heart.’

Pamela King

‘Hello Liz, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your wonderful treatment yesterday and for your professionalism and knowledge throughout. I am definitely feeling the benefits of the treatment today, as my back feels looser than it has been for past 2.5 months, thank you for giving me that relief. I didn’t take any pain killers last night. I also slept until 5.30 which is big plus for me. Looking forward to my next treatment and progressing me to drug-free relief. You are truly gifted. Regards. Ger’


‘Best hour of my week, I love going to Elizabeth she’s the best, looking forward to my next appointment.’

Emma Jane Callaghan

‘Liz ,you are the best person I’ve ever met in my life. For such a small period of time you helped me to deal with spinal problems, my protrusions which were 13mm and 7mm a year ago, became 4mm and 0,5mm just in 4 months. I am very delighted with that, never thought it could happen without operation. Also you are dealing with my stress every time I am coming, and you can not imagine how helpful it is to listen for an advice or just chill in piece. Each time I am leaving your place as a newborn. Keep doing what you are doing. I think you are on the right track. I adore people who are passion about their job. It is a big pleasure to come back to you again and again. I recommend this place for every single person. Try it once. Why once? As after you will see that it worth to come back more times.’

Sophie Silver

‘Highly recommend Liz, look forward to seeing her every month.’

Kathryn Whelan

‘Morning Liz I have AMAZING news……..My son who was bed wetting, slept the whole night and he was dry . u r a miracle worker xxx’

JUNE 14TH 2018

‘Congratulations! Liz is a great acupuncturist who helped me so much:) highly recommended!’

Monika Kiedrowicz

‘Absolutely recommend these treatments with Liz as she is simply the best and I am one of the classic examples it works.  Liz also cured my sister in law from bells palsy with acupuncture without any medication! It was like a miracle and I will be always grateful for it.’

Baska Chmura

‘Liz is fab. Very attentive knows what she is doin’ I felt loads better after my session thanks Liz xx’

Angie Fox

‘If I was to describe Liz in 3 words…. Professional Miracle Worker !’

Laura Swaine Lawlor

‘Liz is amazing, I had some reflexology and acupuncture sessions with her and she always made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. She is absolutely fantastic at her job and I always felt brilliant after the sessions. I would highly recommend her.’

Noeleen Murray

‘As a stage 4 cancer patient, I underwent reflexology with Elizabeth. She certainly had the soothing and healing touch. I was pain free for a good few days after the treatment. Her professionalism, knowledge and empathy are outstanding qualities that manifested during the treatment! I would not hesitate in recommending her to any person who wants/ needs reflexology! I was left feeling totally relaxed and whole after the treatment. Well done Elizabeth!’

James Terence De Lacy

‘I attended “Alternative Healing” for a couple of Reflexology sessions, and whilst initially sceptical of the whole process, I was won over by Elizabeth’s professionalism and the calm serenity of the surroundings in which the treatment was delivered. I found it to be a safe, stress free experience which ultimately allowed me to centre myself in my feelings, and removed the huge amount of nervous strain that I had allowed to build up inside me over time. I was very impressed with the quality of the care that was given. Elizabeth’s attention to detail, her aptitude and professionalism for the job and the overall sense of peaceful tranquility that pervaded the session would mean that I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Elizabeth to anyone who wants to explore an alternate healing experience.’

Paul Schweppe

‘Both my Fiancé and I are very impressed with Alternative Healing. From our very first visit to Elizabeth, she has made us both very comfortable,relaxed and very very welcome. She is extremely nice and very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She is always reassuring and offers only the best in way of both advice and treatments. We would have no hesitation in recommending her to any future clients.’

Denis & Karen O’ Brien

‘I have been having reflexology with Elizabeth over the past few months. Elizabeth takes a holistic approach to the health and well being of the person and I appreciate that she enquires how I have been between sessions. She then incorporates my individual needs into her treatment plan. I feel the benefit of her skills during and after treatments. Elizabeth offers a professional service and pleasant environment She is very highly motivated, skilled, a discrete and caring person. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody seeking a specialist in reflexology.’

Kevin Lynam