Cupping - Treating Pain and Boosting Immunity

How does Cupping work?

Cupping is a therapy using suction cups to stimulate the skin and muscles. It can improve circulation as toxins are cleared and released during the treatment. It can be done on the face and body. Traditionally the cups are made in bamboo, glass or Perspex push-in form.

By warming the muscles and increasing circulation, Cupping can give instant relief to muscular and body pain and tension. It can help with digestive issues and fertility by warming the kidneys and intestines. It can promote cell repair and aid in other regeneration. It can also help to clear chronic lung and bronchial congestion, headaches, frozen shoulder, back pain, insomnia, oedema and immune response deficiency.

Cupping can be combined with Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Electro-Acupuncture and can be used to aid in the elimination of Toxins and Waste Product and therefore can be used to motivate Weight Loss and Weight Control, by lifting and releasing congestion in the connective tissue and organs. Cupping also helps to boost and strengthen the immune system.

Cupping was established as an official therapeutic practise in the 1950’s across hospitals in China. Used successfully by Swimmers and Athletes for stimulation of Immunity and for speeding recovery post competition.

In a typical session, glass cups are warmed by burning a substance inside the cup to create a vacuum. A practitioner then places the cup upside-down over a specific area of the patient’s body. The vacuum anchors the cup to the skin and pulls it. Drawing up the skin helps to stimulate the flow of blood, balance the flow of energy, break up obstructions, and create a channel for toxins to be drawn out of the body, through the Lymphatic and Circulatory systems.



Cupping was established as an official therapeutic practise in the 1950’s across hospitals in China. Used successfully by Swimmers and Athletes for stimulation of Immunity and for speeding recovery post competition.

The many benefits of Chinese Cupping are:

  • Helps to Repair Sports Injuries and Strains combined with Acupuncture and Electro-Acupuncture
  • Encourages blood flow
  • Relieves back and neck pain
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Relieves Migraine
  • Reduces Cellulite and body fat therefore helping to Aid the elimination of Toxins and Waste products
  • Assist to motivate Weight Loss and Weight Control
  • Boost and Strengthen the Immune System
  • Sedates the Nervous System

Following and during a treatment a discolouration of skin can ensue.
This is Not Bruising

  • Red-indicates an acute condition
  • Brown-indicates Stagnation
  • Deep purple-indicates a chronic condition
  • White or no change in skin colour- indicates mental/emotional stress release
  • Grey-indicates an old injury

Types of Cupping techniques:

  1. Stationary Cupping – Leaving the cup on a fixed location of fixed pain and congestion for 5-10 minutes, or over Acupuncture points to promote flow of Qi and blood or leaving the cup over the left and right-side lymphatic ducts to aid with toxin eliminations.
  2. Moving/Sliding Cupping – By applying Aromatherapy blends, Grape seed or Sunflower oil and using a light to moderate pressure, a moving or sliding technique of the cup takes place, fluid like movements are used, but the most effective technique is the use of circular motions. The level of suction-pressure is very-important, to prevent any potential discomfort in the client.
  3. Spot Cupping – If children or adults have been sick or are recovering, blood volume and excessive movement may tire them easy so spot cupping is perfect form of cupping to use.

Where Not to be used: Forearms, front of neck, where blood vessels are close to the skin surface, varicose veins, broken thin or sensitive skin conditions, if fever, body emaciation, abdomen of pregnant women, underarms, behind knees, breast tissue and groin.

Post treatment advice and possible side effects:

  • Drink at least one to 2 glasses of water to accelerate elimination of toxins and to ensure no dehydration ensues.
  • Go for a gentle walk to help further release of any remaining mucus from congestion.
  • Have an Epsom salt bath to enhance the treatment effects.
  • Some discoloration similar to Octopus marks can occur, but generally these will go within 5-7 days depending on the level of toxicity or congestion.

Cost: €70 per individual treatment or €80 combined.

Cancellation Policy: No charge if cancelled 24 hours before due appointment.


Your Questions About Cupping Answered

Cupping should be given by a licensed Acupuncturist or certified profession such as a trained massage Therapist.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping is thought to remove Stagnation in doing so it removes toxins that have built up in the muscles from injury, illness or just everyday stresses and diet. It can relieve Musculo-skeletal pain, anxiety, depression, congestion in the lungs and insomnia, by combining it with Acupuncture, you are regulating the brain to bring balance, it decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression, giving a full body effect of reducing pain and inflammation.

Mostly No, the cups are applied closely to the skin to form a vacuum by either adding heat into a glass cup or by pumping suction into a plastic cup, affording the cup to lift up blood and lymph and remove toxins. Cupping on dry skin is known as popping cupping due to the sound. By adding a range of Aromatherapy blends you can receive a sliding form of cupping, it can initially be a bit uncomfortable when releasing the connective tissue (fascia just below the skin) and the build-up of toxins.

Lactic Acid builds up in the muscles causing stiffness and pain, by adding oxygen and breaking up the lactic acid and dioxide, blood slowly rises to the surface causing the appearance of circular red marks (dilation of capillaries). Depending on the levels of stagnation and toxins in the system, they may last a couple of days or up to 14 days.

Cupping is a gentle and safe therapy, even used to treat back pain during pregnancy, but the pressure should be considered if there is a compromised immunity or chronic skin condition.