Fertility & Pregnancy Acupuncture

Increase Chances of Becoming Pregnant by up to 60%

Have you been trying to get pregnant with no success? Acupuncture can help with fertility both naturally and with assisted reproductive treatments (IVF).

It can increase your chances both naturally and with assisted reproductive treatment (IVF) by up to 60%, Acupuncture works to balance all hormones, through all stages of the menstrual cycle and can help with all fertility issues such as Endometriosis, PCOS, thin lining, underactive thyroid, male infertility such as low morphology or motility and can help to increase sexual libido.

After undergoing numerous IVF treatments myself personally, resulting in numerous miscarriages over a nine year period. I would like to think I am more experienced than most, as to understanding the whole emotional and physical roller coaster that goes hand in hand with Fertility

The most precious thing in the world is to have a family. The vulnerable can be left wide open, Fertility is a business. I would like to think I help give my clients the tools and knowledge to get as much from their gynaecologists and IVF Clinics as is possible, by educating and supporting them along the way. After studying clinical science, anatomy & physiology, pharmacology and now gynaecology and obstetrics, I have also have the appropriate scientific knowledge to help in explaining the process in layman’s terms.

Acupuncture and TCM Herbal Benefits

  • Regulates the menstrual cycle and balances hormonal activity
  • Can reduce and increase Thyroid functioning, depending on imbalances
  • Improves ovarian function to produce better quality eggs
  • Induces ovulation in women with PCOs
  • Can help to Increase Ovarian Reserve
  • Can Lower raised FSH levels
  • Increases blood flow to the uterus to produce, improve and increase the lining thickness
  • Prevent uterine contractions to facilitate implantation
  • It can help to prevents miscarriage
  • Reduces side effects of ART hormonal treatments.
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system.
  • Improves sperm count, motility and morphology

Conditions treated

  • 1. Hormonal imbalances, unexplained infertility
  • 2. Amenorrhea, anovulation, luteal phase defect
  • 3. Recurrent miscarriage
  • 4. Advanced maternal age
  • 5. Endometriosis, PCOS
  • 6. PMS
  • 7. Male factor infertility-morphology-motility
  • 8. Support through ART procedures (IUI-IVF-ICSI)
Fertility and Pregnancy acupuncture

Acupuncture can help lead to a safer delivery

Acupuncture is the treatment of choice for pregnant women because it is safe, drug-free but mostly because it works. Acupuncture treatments can address pre-existing health conditions as well as pregnancy related conditions such as Endometriosis. Acupuncture directly affects underlying hormonal imbalances and can help with insomnia, nausea, swelling, tiredness and headaches.

1st Trimester Nausea/Vomiting Tiredness Threatened Miscarriage, stress, insomnia

2nd Trimester Heartburn, Constipation, Haemorrhoids/Piles Back pain & Sciatica, SPD, stress and anxiety

3rd Trimester Back Pain & Sciatica, SPD, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Anaemia, Insomnia, Anxiety Breech/Transverse/Posterior Position

Preparation for childbirth, Induction Postnatal Afterpains, Tiredness, Insomnia Low milk supply, cracked/sore nipples, blocked ducts, mastitis Post-natal depression

Pre-birth Acupuncture I always recommend pre-birth acupuncture to all pregnant ladies that come through the clinic doors.

Pre-birth acupuncture is a series of weekly treatments from week 36 to week 40/42. The focus of the treatments is to soften and ripen the cervix, relax the pelvis, help position the baby in the best presentation, promote relaxation and build up energy reserves ahead of childbirth. Generally it is to best prepare you for the birth of your child.

Data on under 200 women gathered by 14 midwives as part of their midwifery practice confirmed the below

  • Significant reduction in the number of inductions (for women having their first baby this was a nearly half reduction)
  • A one third reduction in the epidural rate.

When comparing midwifery only care to women receiving pre-birth acupuncture there was:

  • A one third reduction in emergency caesarean delivery
  • and just under 10% increase in normal vaginal births.

Women who receive pre-birth acupuncture also have shorter labours with more efficient contractions, and generally you just have a more relaxed mother and baby.

Cost: €60 per individual treatment or €70 combined.

Cancellation Policy: No charge if cancelled 24 hours before due appointment.